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1. What is Harlem Girls Cheer?

Harlem Girls Cheer is a program launched in 2016 to nurture girls, ages 8 - 18, into complete scholar athletes, focusing on mind, body and soul.  Through educational programs, competitive cheerleading, and community service, Harlem Girls Cheer helps girls blossom into accomplished, confident, and active women with strong character.

2. Who are the founders?

a.     Harlem Girls Cheer was founded by Brittnee Anderson, Colleen Miller, Charlotte Reid, Radina Russell, Ashley Scruggs and Tennille Tatum-Evans.


3. Are there any rules for the organization? What are the “core values”?

a.     Harlem Girls Cheer aims to develop character, strengthen self-esteem and nurture a sense of community. To uphold this commitment, we will hold ourselves to the highest standards.

b.     We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, derogatory comments and/or general inappropriate behavior by or toward any Cheerleader, parent or external organization (in-person or cyber). We periodically monitor social media channels to ensure these rules are being upheld.

c.     We will provide a handbook containing all rules and regulations for each cheerleader and guardian to sign.

4. What are the academic requirements?

a.     Harlem Girls Cheer places a high value on education and our goal is to have every cheerleader maintain a B average, or higher.

b.     The minimum requirement is a C average/75.

c.     Any cheerleader below the minimum requirement will be in probationary status and must show proof of enrollment in a tutoring program (school-based or external).


5. How much does the program cost?

a.     The cost is $600. This includes uniform ($285) and registration ($315).

                        i.     The fees do not cover the cost of Cheer camp, estimated to be around $300.

                       ii.     The fees do not include the cost of the National championship, estimated to be $500-$600, if we qualify.

6. What is included in the uniform fee?

a.     The entire uniform is yours to keep.

b.     The fee includes:

               i.     Performance Gear: Shell, Body Liner, Skirt, Spankies, Shoes, Socks, Bow, Warmups

              ii.     Non-Performance Gear: T-shirts, Shorts

7. What does the “registration” fee cover?

a.     Insurance

b.     Performance equipment (signs, poms & custom music mixes)

c.     League fees

d.     Competition fees

e.     Practice space rental

f.      Transportation to competitions

8. Why isn’t Cheer camp included in the cost of the program?

a.     We are still determining the most cost effective cheer camp.

b.     Camp will cost around $300 per cheerleader.

9. When is the money due?

a.     A deposit of $250 will be required at the time of registration. The deposit can be refunded until April 30, 2016.

b.     $200 is due by 6/1 – program fees

c.     $150 is due by 7/1 – program fees

d.     $300 due by 8/1 – estimated Cheer camp fees

10. How do I pay?

a.     Harlem Girls Cheer is a cashless organization.  We will only accept credit or debit payments online and receipts will be issued via email.

b.     We will send out payment instructions ahead of each payment deadline.


11. Does Harlem Girls Cheer have a mascot or team name?

a.     Harlem Girls Cheer is the name of the non-profit organization.

b.     The Cheer organization is known as Harlem Roar.

c.     Individual team names are still being decided.

12. Who are the coaches and what experience do they have?

a.     The coaches of the Harlem Roar are Amy Craw, Charlotte Reid, Radina Russell, Ashley Scruggs, Tennille Tatum-Evans. Each coach has prior Cheer coaching experience in New York City.

13. My daughter is 7 years old, when will she need to turn 8 to be eligible to participate?

a.     Participants must meet the minimum age requirement by the close of registration on April 30, 2016.

14. My daughter does not have any prior Cheer experience, can she still participate?

a.     Absolutely. As long as she is committed to the program and willing to work hard.

b.     Remember, competitive cheerleading is a SPORT!!!

15. When do you practice?

a.     Harlem Roar hold mandatory practice three days a week – Tuesday/Thursdays 6:15pm to 8:15pm and Saturdays 10am – 12:30pm.

16. What is Cheer camp and when is it?

a.     Cheer camp is an intensive, multi-day program where the girls work on advanced Cheer skills with collegiate cheer instructors.

b.     We are still determining the most cost effective Cheer camp, which will cost around $300 per cheerleader.

c.     Camp will take place sometime in mid to late August.


17. What is the Life Skills program?

a.     Harlem Girls Cheer is focused on building life skills both on and off the Cheer mat.

b.     Throughout 2016, we will hold monthly workshops on the following topics for girls enrolled in the program

18. When are the Life Skills workshops being held and are they mandatory?

a.     Our goal is to hold a mandatory Life Skills workshop once a month. When appropriate, parents are permitted to join.

b.     The sessions will be held on Saturday, in conjunction with practice.  We will provide advance notice on the exact timing of sessions.

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